Saturday, August 30

Translate in Google Speadsheet in less than 30 minutes

You don't need to download any language pack. You don't need to compile the software. We also don't tell you use any  techy app.  Flory is already ready to be translated. From version 1.4 beta, We separated language files and just translate one single file is enough.

Already we got translated i18n strings from community. We used to suggest favorite text editor like notepad++ or textmate in mac to open the language file it but who knew you could do it even faster.

Here is the recipe.
  1. Cool brain as much as possible
  2. Google spreadsheet - again its awesome.
  3. Knowledge of Typing ( hire your kid, he types faster!)
  4. Notepad++ or similar editor for final save.
Here is Picturesque instruction

60 seconds
Google supports text file so copy and rename as .
Import the txt file as delimited file. use "=" as delimiter (IMP!)

2 minutes
This one is optional. You can start translating 2nd column text in 3rd column. You may paste
=GoogleTranslate(B1, "en", "de") this line to all the rows in column 3 to get all all strings translated at a time. 

You may add one more column

25 minutes
You can  type your desired translated string in next column. 

1 minute

  •       PASTE & SAVE
    save it in your language message file

You may find our sample file here