Friday, February 24

Revolutionizing Restaurant POS Systems with Floreant: The Story of an Open-Source Success

Floreant POS is an open-source project that may face challenges in achieving sustainable growth due to a lack of monetization and a clear business model. However, our organization is committed to transforming the successful open-source project into a growing and sustainable commercial open-source business. We aim to make Floreant POS free forever and let anyone access the source code to improve the overall quality of the product. Our objective is to develop the application incrementally and add new features based on community input.

To achieve our goals, we will leverage the technical and logistical knowledge of the community, share our knowledge with them, and work towards making the project sustainable through commercial customization. Our measurable goals include demonstrating the right technology through usability and user-friendliness, ensuring the quality of code by using optimized logic, adhering to naming conventions, and minimizing the number of bugs. We will also ensure the freedom of the source code by releasing it in a publicly accessible server.

Our deliverables will include the source code hosted in Subversion, standard Java executable, and a live system (Live CD, Live DVD, or USB Bootable) with support charge. We acknowledge that open-source projects may slow down due to a lack of monetization and a sustainable business model. However, with our commitment and dedication to the project, we are confident that we can overcome these constraints and continue to provide quality information management systems to restaurants of all sizes.

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