Saturday, February 13

Floreant POS: A Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Getting Started

Are you looking to upgrade your POS system? Floreant POS, an open-source point-of-sale software, might be just what you need. In this guide, we will walk you through the installation process of Floreant POS, version 1.4 build 1707.

To get started, download the latest stable release from the Floreant POS website. Before running the software, you must have Java 8 installed on your computer. If you don't already have it, download it from the Java website.
Once you have both Java and the Floreant POS software downloaded, unzip the FloreantPOS zip file. You will find a folder with several files, including the main application file, floreantpos.jar. In most cases, double-clicking on this file will launch the POS. However, if you are running the software on a Windows computer, you can also click on floreantpos.bat.

By default, Floreant POS uses Apache Derby Embedded DB as the database type. If you need to use multiple terminals, you will need to use a Derby server. Both of these database options are located in the database folder. If you prefer, you can also start the application from the command line using the following code:
java -jar floreantpos.jar

After you have successfully installed and launched the Floreant POS software, you will be presented with two subsystems: back-office and front-end. The back-office is where the admin will login to set up the store, manage items and prices, take care of employee accounts, and set their permissions. The front-end is where the day-to-day operating takes place.

Get started!
Now that you have successfully installed and logged into Floreant POS, you can start setting up your terminal, store, and printers. You can also enable the cash drawer and start making transactions. With its user-friendly interface and open-source design, Floreant POS is an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their point-of-sale system.