Tuesday, December 30

POS Dealer Tricks to Watch For

Think of my friend John who arrived in a new place, needs some help to go to the nearby Grocery store. He went to a Card dealer shop and asked for help. The sales guy could tell it was in the next block, and he could walk a few minutes. But he said that the best way is to buy a BMW latest model. Because it would save time and money and let him go to the grocery store in only two minutes. Technically the sales guy was not wrong.
A new store owner running a small coffee shop with a Cash register and thinking to upgrade. POS resellers suggest him for an expensive Ipad based solution that stores data in the cloud and show fancy reports. They explain all the benefits like pushing John for the BMW car when he could walk.
Jim, one experience and honest POS seller in Texas who is promoting Floreant said, buying the most expensive solution is not needed. Locking with Ipad based applications or service charges are nothing but juicing up money. A coffee shop can start with open source POS like Floreant POS. They are free and gives full freedom to change its nuts and bolts. One of Jim's customers asked for more reports. He said he hired a local technician o to customize those reports. Few hundred bucks! That's all.

Many POS dealers tell again Open source POS. They think they cannot make any money from that which also not right.  MySQL and Apache are examples of opensource products that have a sustainable business on them.  Only difference is you cannot rip off with open source. Because both you and your users has the source code. But dealers can make reasonable money by support.
Open source is a great business paradigm. It creates healthy practices and saves customers from crooked dealers.

Monday, December 1

Thankful to these technologies

IntelliJIDEA is known as the most popular Java IDE. It seems to provide a lot of features than eclipse. IntelliJ IDEA also does a good job of keeping up to date with the Java platform, subject to the expense of keeping current with the latest product version.We are gradually moving our development here. That sense of the whole can take a little time to discover. Many people, especially those whose main focus is features, never grasp it. They are happy with another IDE and that's OK. But for the thousands of top professional developers worldwide who have discovered it, nothing else quite measures up.
If you consider yourself a Java professional, if you work in situations where time is most definitely money, and sustained productivity is the measure of success, you can do worse than to take a good look at IntelliJ IDEA.

Atlassian Jira

JIRA is one of the tools we use for project planning and taking care of issues. JIRA Software gives your team the flexibility to plan and adopt any agile practice, whether it be scrum, kanban, or a mixed methodology. Teams can create and estimate stories, build a sprint backlog, visualize activity, measure team velocity, and report on progress. 


 Webalys makes best icons in the market and we are big fan of them. Good news is Vincent Le Moign, the entrepreneur and designer of Webalys has shared us Streamline icons. Thanks for generosity and encouragement, and inspiring email.
Hi, That's a great project, and i would be happy to help such a nice open source project.  
Vincent Le Moign
 Sep 24, 2014